Drawing of two Persons discussing a paragraph in a book. Illustration for UNE, University of New Europe

What is UNE?

The University of New Europe (UNE) is a network of academic solidarity, creativity, and institution building.

We are a cross-European team of scholars, and we believe that equal intellectual access is crucial for peace and prosperity on the continent. UNE builds critical knowledge about the complex impact of war, climate crisis, and other emergencies on education and research across Europe. Via our serial public events such as Eastplainers (Amsterdam) and open access book series New Europes (Bielefeld), we promote collaboration and exchange between academics, students, activists, and the general public. For students and scholars at risk, we provide support with our mentoring programme and a database of global opportunities. UNE is a registered NGO in the Netherlands.

What do we do?

We raise funds and support for a future University of New Europe;

We host a database with emergency resources worldwide for scholars, students, and cultural workers at risk.

We curate a book series titled ‘New Europes’

We organize the UNE mentoring programme for students, scholars, and cultural workers affected by the war in Ukraine or at risk across other East-Central, Eastern European and Central-Asian localities;

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Since the spring of 2021, we have actively lobbied for a new university, in cooperation with both national and European authorities and NGOs, as well as scholarly, political, military, and legal experts who support our cause. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, we have combined these activities with offering immediate support to students, scholars, and cultural workers at risk with a mentoring network.
First and foremost, the UNE mentoring network reaches out to the vast number of colleagues, students, and cultural workers who are affected by the war in Ukraine; second, we seek to support those at risk across other East-Central, Eastern European and Central-Asian localities. To this end, the mentoring programme matches international scholars and professionals with students, scholars, and cultural workers at risk who are looking to find a new job, funding opportunity, accommodation, remote support, or who seek more general advice.

What about you?

If you are from the troubled areas of Eastern Europe or if you wish to support us, please follow the link that best fits your needs.

We do not save any data from your searches.

Follow UNE on Twitter and Facebook! Here, we post about our lobby for the university and about our mentor programme.