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Creative Under Fire. A Survival Guide for Creative People on Staying Sane while Solving the World's Insane Problems is a book by Mark Woerde with the collaboration of numerous creatives, including award-winners undergoing brain scans, social entrepreneurs, students, activists, scientists, psychiatrists, soldiers, and 450,000 research participants.

"AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – A new major study involving 450,000 people worldwide, together with a brain scan study of prestigious creative award winners, shows that while creatives eagerly use their talent to tackle global challenges, their talent can also hold them back. Creativity is often accompanied by increased sensitivity, which increases the risk of feeling overwhelmed when tackling difficult problems, leading to mental and physical problems, more so than in other groups.

Alarmingly, one in five creatives expect their mental health to deteriorate quickly. Creative under fire was launched to support creatives facing these challenges by sharing survival tools and techniques to maintain mental wellbeing while tackling pressing global issues." Source

The book (open access) can be downloaded here.