Mentoring programme

The expulsion and silencing of critical voices from Eastern Europe due to war and authoritarianism threaten to erode European knowledge communities in ways not seen since the academic emigrations of 1917 and 1933. In response to this fundamental threat to transnational knowledge building, UNE is offering a mentoring programme for scholars, students, and cultural workers at risk.

The mentoring programme, managed jointly by UNE and the Akademisches Netzwerk Osteuropa (AKNO), supports, firstly, students, scholars, and cultural workers affected by the war from Ukraine and, secondly, students, scholars, and cultural workers at risk in other East-Central, Eastern European and Central-Asian localities.

Our mentoring programme is supported by a team of assistants and volunteers who create matches between international scholars and professionals and students, scholars, and cultural workers at risk.

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Want to learn more about the mentoring programme?

Please watch our introductory video here or have a look at the FAQ.

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