UNE Mentoring programme

The expulsion and silencing of critical voices from Eastern Europe due to war and authoritarianism threaten to erode European knowledge communities in ways not seen since the academic emigrations of 1917 and 1933. The UNE mentoring programme supports students and scholars from Ukraine as well as threatened students and scholars from Belarus and Russia.

We recognise that a continuation of existing academic and cultural cooperation with Russian government-funded institutions is untenable in the current situation. However, we also ask that sanctions and negative interventions be embedded in a positive programme which helps to support critical voices from Belarus and Russia. It is these bridges which will help secure Europe’s peace.

Please note: We are currently in the process of setting up a new website with a secure registration form for mentors/mentees. In the meantime, please contact mentoring@science-at-risk.org to sign up as mentor or mentee, giving your name, the sort of support you are looking for, and your field of expertise (in 2-3 keywords).

UNE Winter School

Sign up here for the UNE ‘Oral History and Memory of the War’ Winter School in Como.

Resources available

UNE have crowdsourced an extensive resource list that is being updated on an almost daily basis (more than 150 pages long) with easily searchable offers for different groups at risk:

Resources for Academics and Cultural Workers at Risk

Another useful document is our FAQ, where we try to answer the most asked questions in relation to our mentoring program:

Frequently Asked Questions


Read our Joint statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine



If you want to contact University of New Europe with any questions or inquiries please feel free to write to us directly on mentoring@science-at-risk.org. For signing up as mentor or mentee please use our email. UNE is also to be found on a newly started Twitter Account, where we will post reguarly about our lobby for the university and about our mentor programme. UNE will be posting on Facebook here.