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XTX Markets has created a new Ukrainian Global Excellence Fund of £7.5mn over two years

The goal is to promote excellence across Ukrainian academia, recognising the contribution it
can make to the country’s own post-war reconstruction and to research globally.

Since April 2022, XTX Markets has committed more than £16mn to 32 organisations through our first Academic Sanctuaries Fund. This has supported students and researchers by funding more than 250 mobility and dual degree places, as well as support for diaspora academics and capacity building for Ukrainian universities.
This original fund is now fully committed, with some tapered support available for existing grant-holders. However, we know from working with our partners that there is a continuing need for support across Ukrainian academia, especially for students and researchers who have chosen to stay in the country.

The new fund will promote excellence across Ukrainian academia, particularly focusing on the many institutions that have the potential to develop as national, regional and global leaders in research. We are keen to work with like-minded organisations to build on the great work already happening in Ukraine to accelerate progress further.

We are committing £7.5mn over the next two years. We will fund work that:

  1. Delivers high-quality academic programmes at or in partnership with Ukrainian institutions
  2. Establishes and sustains the infrastructure for elite research at Ukrainian institutions
  3. Enables Ukrainians to produce high-quality research, oriented to international norms
  4. Supports Ukrainians who are at transition points to stay in academia
  5. Strengthens community and collaboration among the Ukrainian academic diaspora

The fund is open to universities and charities anywhere.
We want to encourage greater philanthropic investment in Ukrainian academia and will prioritise projects which are co-funded by a university or other funders.
We expect that at least half of the available funding will go towards projects that focus on maths and science.

See here for application details.