Dorine Schellens

Open Access Book: Creative Under Fire Project

Creative Under Fire. A Survival Guide for Creative People on Staying Sane while Solving the World’s Insane Problems is a book by Mark Woerde with the collaboration of numerous creatives, including award-winners undergoing brain scans, social entrepreneurs, students, activists, scientists, psychiatrists, soldiers, and 450,000 research participants.

Two URIS Fellowships at the University of Basel (2025)

The initiative ‘Ukrainian Research in Switzerland’ (URIS) invites applications for a URIS Fellowship for a six-month research and teaching stay at the University of Basel for the spring semester 2025 (February – July 2025) and the autumn semester 2025 (August 2025 – January 2026).

Dorine Schellens and Peter Verstraten win the LUCAS Public Engagement Award 2023

The LUCAS Impact Committee, consisting of Jan van Dijkhuizen, Rick Honings, Casper de Jonge, Angus Mol, Thijs Porck and Aafje de Roest, has offered this year’s LUCAS Public Engagement Award to Dorine Schellens and Peter Verstraten. Dorine Schellens has been tirelessly active during the past year in helping and supporting refugee colleagues from Ukraine, Russia and Dorine Schellens and Peter Verstraten win the LUCAS Public Engagement Award 2023


Если вы задумались о переезде в другую страну, мы вас понимаем. Если вы уже переезжаете или, наоборот, не знаете, куда ехать, мы можем помочь вам полезными сведениями. Если вы уже переехали, но вам трудно и одиноко, мы хотим поддержать вас.

Harvard Davis Center – Scholars Without Borders

The war against Ukraine has had innumerable impacts and academia has not been spared. In Ukraine, universities have been bombed and scholars have moved westward, many to neighboring countries. Academics from Russia and Belarus who have opposed the war or mobilization have been forced into silence or exile.