CERIC – Call for Post-Docs for Ukrainian Citizens and Residents Affected by the WarLocation: Location: EU | Workplace: On site

The Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium, CERIC–ERIC, is an integrated multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure whose objective is to contribute to European top-level research and technological development and demonstration programs and projects, thus representing an added value for the development of the European Research Area (ERA). The activities of the Consortium focus on the integration of national multidisciplinary analytical, synthesis and sample preparation capabilities of its Partner Facilities, operating mainly in the Central European Area, into a unique, EU-level Distributed Research Infrastructure, open to researchers at world level.

With this mission in mind, and for solidarity with the Ukrainian population, CERIC-ERIC will continue hosting Ukrainian post-doc researchers in its Partner Facilities. The programme is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian researchers whose work is hampered or prevented by Russia´s war against Ukraine.

Researchers are encouraged to propose collaborative proposals, bringing together one or more Partner Facilities. The research carried out at every partner facility is intended to improve CERIC capabilities and the user support. The research programmes may be proposed jointly with non-CERIC institutions.

The contract offered will terminate on the 4th of March 2024, renewable as long as the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) is renewed. If the reasons for temporary protection persist beyond this date, the Commission may propose to the Council to extend the temporary protection by up to another year (that is 4th of March 2025).

CERIC’s Partner Facilities will host the post-doc researchers in their premises, providing all necessary equipment for their research. CERIC-ERIC will cover the following costs:

  • Salary of the Post-doc, in line with the practices of the Partner Facility
  • Travels between partner facilities and to scientific events related to the research carried out
  • Consumables

Specific topics and projects for the post-doc positions offered by each of CERIC’s Partner Facility can be found on the website, divided by each Member Country of the Consortium. A number of the post-doc positions are dedicated to research on batteries, fuel cells and electrolysers, in line with CERIC-ERIC Science strategy.

We encourage candidates to discuss Research topics with the local contact provided for each facility.

Eligibility criteria

Applications are open for Ukrainian nationals and/or residents, beneficiary of Temporary Protection or International Protection. Detailed information can be found on the official website of the European Commission at this link: Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Candidates must have completed a PhD. For additional requirements (when applicable), refer to the information below for each hosting Partner Facility.

Evaluation criteria

Successful proposals should meet the following criteria:

  • The research proposed should outline a credible plan of how the research will be carried out, specifying the entities involved (CERIC and external);
  • Proposals will need to demonstrate the added value for CERIC user support;
  • Proposals should emphasize the expected impact on the integration of the Partner Facilities, whenever relevant.


Candidates are requested to submit their proposal using the “Research Proposal Template” (download available here).

Along with it, please send as part of the application material:

  • your CV
  • copy of your passport / ID document
  • PhD Diploma

The application material must be sent to this e-mail address, with the following subject of the mail: “Application for post-doc Ukrainian Researcher”.

The positions will remain open until suitable candidates are found.