Culture of Solidarity Fund – UkraineLocation: Location: International | Workplace: Remote

Introduced by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) in 2020, the Culture of Solidarity Fund was originally set up as a corona-response mechanism for pan-European cultural initiatives. Established as a public-philanthropic partnership fund, it supported nearly 100 cultural projects that contributed to maintaining and reinforcing European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space during the pandemic lockdowns. Today, the war in Ukraine has put new relevance to our Culture of Solidarity mission and calls for funding urgent European and cultural action more than ever before.

Due to the high number of incoming requests, we need to process these applications first before we can continue to receive new applications. Therefore, the application window is now temporarily on pause. We plan to reopen our application system in the coming weeks.

After an initial phase of cultural emergency relief, the Fund was opened to individuals, collectives and organisations from all sectors and civil society at large that proposed short-term or mid-term European cultural initiatives in the following three areas:

  • disinformation, misinformation, propaganda filter bubbles, fake news, ongoing war ‘infodemic’ by supporting independent, alternative, and trusted European (digital) media;
  • providing and nourishing safe cultural spaces for individuals fleeing their homes and looking for shelter in exile or in Ukraine;
  • counteracting forces of fragmentation through artistic and cultural expressions that provide hope to withstand the harsh realities of war and to act for a peaceful future of Ukraine and Europe.

The Fund had grants available in three amounts:

  • Small: up to €5.000
  • Medium: €5.000 – 20.000
  • Large: €20.000 – 40.000