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Funding abroad can only be provided if researchers are integrated into Germany’s academic research system. This is the case if, immediately prior to submitting a proposal, they have worked as a researcher in Germany for a continuous period of at least three years during their doctoral and/or postdoctoral phase. If researchers are already based abroad, funding can be provided abroad if they have completed the majority of their schooling and higher education in Germany and, as of proposal time, have not spent more than three years abroad for research purposes after completing their doctorate in Germany or abroad. Furthermore, they must not have worked longer than one year at the host institution selected for the Walter Benjamin fellowship as of proposal time.

Regardless of which funding type is selected, a general allowance for direct project costs (including travel and publication costs) and, where applicable, additional funding associated with high production costs (book format) will be granted. The fellowship amount is made up of the basic allowance and, where applicable, additional benefits such as a foreign allowance, cost of living allowance and benefits for parents. To apply please send an e-mail to one of the programme contacts.