University of Vienna – Visiting Fellowships for Ukrainian Refugee Philosophers, Historians of Science or Sociologists of KnowledgeLocation: Location: Austria | Workplace: On site

Applicants must be PhD students or professional philosophers. The monthly salary is 2000 EUR brutto, about 1700 EUR netto (regardless of qualifications). This is enough to rent a room or small flat, and cover the basic costs of living. You will also have access to shared office facilities, to the library, and to computing facilities. And we give you support in integrating into life here. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds for relocation. Under special circumstances (if you come with children, e.g.) the salary can be increased but this would have to be negotiated ahead of time.

  • How to apply? 
    • some documentation that you are a recent refugee from Ukraine
    • some documentation of academic degrees
    • a CV with list of publications (PhD students need not have the latter)
    • a 1-page sketch of a project to be undertaken during the time here.

Please send these materials to us via e-mail.