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Caring Universities offers free online services to improve student’s mental wellbeing. Caring Universities offers 9 free online programs: mood, stress, procrastination, get a grip on your life, sleep, general life skills, self-esteem, social life and perfectionism. You can do them anonymously and you even get text-based guidance from an online coach.

Lawyer – Pro Bono (Dutch Tenancy/Labour Law)

As a lawyer, I specialise in tenancy law, labour law, IP law (copyright law), corporate law and procedural law.

My girlfriend studied Russian in Amsterdam and lived in Kyiv for a while. She speaks and reads Russian if necessary.

If you need legal support in the Netherlands, I can help. I’m a “sociaal advocaat” as they say in the Netherlands; this basically means taking cases pro bono or supported by government funding for people who cannot afford legal support.

I can imagine I could help if you run into trouble with your landlord, employer or publisher.

Für eine Wissenschaft ohne die Zwänge des Putin-Regimes

Screenshot of online edition of the newspaper Welt.

Seit Kriegsbeginn steht die Osteuropa-Wissenschaft vor einem doppelten Problem: Eine Zusammenarbeit mit Russland und Belarus ist unmöglich, und geflüchtete oder Akademiker aus den beiden Ländern sowie der Ukraine brauchen dringend Hilfe. Jetzt haben Kollegen in Berlin einen großen Plan.

Bedreigde wetenschappers krijgen een eigen universiteit

Vier maanden oorlog en Rutten heeft met een groep vrijwilligers een mentorprogramma opgezet waarin wetenschappers uit Rusland en Oekraïne worden gematcht met mentors uit het Westen, die ze kunnen helpen beurzen aan te vragen.

Frequently Asked Questions – UNE mentoring programme

We are aware that some of you are participating in the UNE mentoring programme in very difficult circumstances, and we hope that the programme offers some relief. Please scroll through the list to go to the section that interests you. For further questions please contact us via

Jan Claas Behrends

Portrait photography of Jan Claas Behrends

is Senior Researcher at the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History (ZZF) in Potsdam and a Professor of History at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt on Oder. He coordinates the international network “legacies of communism” at ZZF. His research interests include the modern history of Russia, Poland and Ukraine, Stalinism and modern dictatorships, war and violence Jan Claas Behrends

Alexander Etkind

Portrait photography of Alexander Etkind

is Professor of History at the European University Institute at Florence. He moved to EUI after many years of teaching as a Professor at the University of Cambridge, where he also was a fellow of King’s College.

Dina Gusejnova

Portrait photography of Dina Gusejnova

Dina Gusejnova is Associate Professor of Modern European History at the Department of International History, London School of Economics. She has previously been Senior Lecturer in Modern History at Sheffield University and has taught at Queen Mary University of London, UCL, and at the University of Chicago.